A Slice Of Rendering

  • Dev Log 1.

    Keywords: UE4, Game Developement, Dev log.

    I love starting new projects (OH my don’t get me started on this). It’s always so exciting and motivating to start something new, something fresh ! The thing is, it’s one thing to start a project, and another to actually finish it. I tend to start 1000 things and never finish them.

    I have to say it is not the first time I try to make a game, I did try to do that a thousand times and never succeeded finishing one (One time I even tried making a game in javascript about the adventure of a Pizza named Steve. Yep !). But this time I decided to try something different.

    First : My objective is not to make the most awesome-incredible-cool-and-amazing-pizza game. My objective is to make something very simple and most importantly to finish it. (Finishing it is actually the main goal here)

    Second : I decided not to start working on my game right away (Wait a minute butterfly!). In order to see if my motivation of working on it would keep up, I decided to start by doing a 20h UE course. (Back to school baby!)

    Why Unreal Engine

    I actually got a new job recently and we are using UE4. Since i’m not so familiar with Unreal and I do want to get better at it, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and use this game engine for this project.

    What is this post about

    Well, I feel like keeping track of my progress is a good way to keep my motivation. When I will get lazy-potato, and I know I will, I just need to look back at all the work and the progress I have made so far and i’m sure it is going to help.

    What’s up now ?

    I have made great progress so far ! (And by great progress I mean I did not even really start implementing the game yet !). I actually finished the UE course that I started 2 months ago and I started thinking about what I want to do (remember it has to be simple and eventually finished, so no more awesome-coolios-impossible-to-finish game). So here is my not so overwhelming idea, color illustrated and all :

    Underwhelming Game

    More details in the next posts… :)